27, Dec 2021
Many Lies, One Truth.

Throat Chakras.

All the lies in all the languages come from one source. Lies are told to be deceitful, to be kind, to cover up what or who we really are or how we want to be portrayed. It sounds good in our head but then once spoken out loud and we hear it for real, it can backfire. Regardless to the reason(s) behind the lie, it’s always going to hurt when we eventually find out the truth, or the truth about yourself is found out.

The lie usually originates from the mind, it passes through the throat and comes out the mouth; however it resonates around the heart, and you eventually feel it in the gut. No good comes from lying; it might cover up what you’re intending it to at the start, but the truth will always come out eventually. ‘What goes around, comes around,’ is true; if you have blocked throat chakras, you will find yourself lying lot, without even thinking you’re causing any damage; you’ll attract the types of souls that you deserve; therefore, you in turn will be lied to and you will be treated the way you continue to treat others. Falsely.

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“And the truth shall set you free” John 8:32. For the sake of prolonging imminent heartache and disappointment; telling the truth is the best path to take. Honesty is always the best policy. The truth can be hurtful, and it might not be what you want to hear, but at the same time, trust comes with honesty and so does respect. The action the person might have taken before the truth was told might be disrespectful and make you lack in trust initially, but in the long run they are respecting you enough to tell you the truth; this is so you can in turn decide which path you would like to take. Truth gives you solid options, lies give you false options and hope most of the time, which can ultimately lead you down the wrong path.

What Goes Around, Comes Around…

There are times when you will deal with liars who will never come clean and admit to the truth; which is fine, that is their choice, what you don’t want is to be sucked into it all, it becomes harmful and toxic; you start to wrongly doubt yourself and you become a part of the lie for believing in it, even though you know deep down it isn’t the truth. Trust in yourself, trust your intuition and more importantly, trust your gut. Go with your head not your heart; it will hurt if it’s something you don’t necessarily want to believe, but it will serve you right in the end when you’re on the path of the truth.

They do come from one truth. That truth is: communication and love.

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Another way to help ground yourself is through using crystals. The best crystals for your throat chakras are: Aquamarine, Amazonite, Turquoise and many others. Are you interested in looking and buying your first crystal(s)? Please visit my friend’s website Zaia where she makes crystal jewelry, as well as sells the stones individually.

Do you want to learn more about throat chakras? Then click here. If you’re already savvy with it but think it needs help then click here for a great throat chakras meditation. If you want to have a chat then please contact me. Namaste. 🙏

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