27, Dec 2021
Many Thoughts, One Solution.

Third Eye Chakras.

All the thoughts in the subconscious come from one source. Thoughts are what clog our brain up with unnecessary information, minimizing the space for all the nothingness we need to let enter our lives. Thoughts are the things that stress us, that make us overthink situations; therefore let us believe bad things are going to happen, when in actual fact they’re just thoughts. The worst part is, we let them. We put those thoughts there, we let them poison our minds; when all that needs to be thought about are the present moments that we are experiencing.

The fact of the matter is, 80% of the things we worry about, don’t happen. We’re just telling ourselves that they will, because our thoughts like to let us worry; it’s not always negative though; our thoughts like to get our hopes up and they like to get us excited about things too; but it’s still not letting us be present.

Taking 20-30 minutes out of your day to do something mindful; whether that be to lay or sit there meditating, clearing all the thoughts that come into your head and watching them go by; or to be creative, or even to exercise; whatever clears your head of thoughts to bring you to the present moment, will help your mental health and well-being. To not be judgmental, to not have to worry about things that the Universe has you covered for; to just be in this exact moment and to be grateful for what you’ve been blessed with and to feel happy in your own skin.

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Look into your third eye, and watch your imagination unfold; imagine you’re on a beach, sat on a wooden swing that’s attached to a deserted palm tree; you’re looking out into the ocean without a care in the world. Just stay there, swinging, watch dolphins swim by and birds dive in to drink the salty water. It doesn’t have to be here, it can be wherever your happy place is; using your imagination switches you off from everyday thoughts, worries and life, it opens your mind’s eye and enables you to be more aware of your surroundings.

Thoughts aren’t all bad, they are also dreams. Don’t hinder your dreams, they aren’t fictional, they are what you’re capable of so long as you believe. Take note of them, feel what they might be telling you, it’s your subconscious talking to you; but one thing is for sure, we never dream when we’re busy; it’s usually something you do when you’re asleep or daydreaming.

They do come from one solution. That solution is: just be still and love.

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Another way to help ground yourself is through using crystals. The best crystals for your third eye chakras are: Amethyst, Sodalite, Lapiz Lazuli and many others. Are you interested in looking and buying crystals? Please visit my friend’s website Zaia, she makes crystal jewelry, as well as sells the stones individually.

Do you want to learn more about third eye chakras? Then click here. If you’re already savvy with it but think it needs help then click here for a great third eye chakras meditation. If you want to have a private reading, whether that’s a medium-ship reading, where I connect to spirit, a tarot card reading or both, then please contact me, I’d be happy to help. They are available via Zoom. Namaste. 🙏

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