26, Dec 2021
Many Foods, One Hunger (Emptiness).

Solar Plexus Chakras.

When you look at the diversity of the world and the different countries that are lucky enough to have access to every type of cuisine possible; compared to the countries that are dying of starvation because their crops don’t grow or they just don’t have the funds to buy it; they couldn’t be further apart. I don’t agree with the ‘one hunger’ part of this sub-heading, I feel it should be classed as more of an emptiness and here’s why.

Everybody has experienced the feeling of hunger, that’s an everyday occurrence for most; but not everybody has experienced the feeling of starving. It’s easy to express your hunger as “I’m starving,” but it wouldn’t be fair to say that if you only ate two hours ago. People use the term ‘starving’ too flippantly without actually considering those in the world who actually are.

Then there’s those who go to the opposite end of the food spectrum; those who have an issue with eating. Those who are luckily enough to have a choice as to whether they eat or not, and then abuse that choice by overindulging or not eating at all. Mental health can cause the chemicals in your brain to either be constantly hungry because you’re unhappy; and it makes you think that food makes you happy, ‘comfort eating’. Or, it can physically stop you from eating because you don’t like the look of your body or it’s the only aspect of your life that you feel you can fully control at the time.


Food should be seen as a source of energy for our bodies, not as a constant flow of activity because we might be bored, or because we’ve got nothing else better to do. People should understand the toll it takes to eat. If you’re going to consciously overeat then be conscious of the damage you’re causing yourself and the potential risks; heart attack, obesity, type 2 diabetes, the list goes on. If you’re going to consciously not eat, then also be conscious of the damage you’re causing to your body and the potential risks; malnutrition, muscle wastage, heart problems, dental problems, again the list is endless. Food is a privilege and should be seen as that.

They do come from one ‘emptiness’; that emptiness is a lack of love.

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