26, Dec 2021
Many Friends, One Soul Tribe.

Sacral Chakra.

I changed ‘soul mate’ to ‘soul tribe’. I don’t believe that you only have one soul mate. If you were to ask me how many soul mates I have I’d say at least three. My best friend is my soul mate, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ve been through many lifetimes together and will continue to do so. We’re entwined and flow like a river; we’re one person and no matter how long we go without seeing each other, when we eventually do, it’s like no time has passed.

My boyfriend is my soul mate; when you travel half way around the world and know as soon as you see them that they are meant to be in your life; that’s a connection that’s gone through the test of time. When I say ‘time’ I mean lifetimes. I also believe I have family members who have been in my life before, such as my Nana and my mother. Had my mother given birth to me in the olden days, we’d have both died at childbirth; I strongly believe we were sent back around this time so we could do a better job; which ultimately we did, but only just!


Friends come in and out of our lives to teach us things. They all start out as friends; however you quickly learn what they are in your life for once you get to know them. I’ve never been one to have loads of friends; mainly because I like to have the strong bond and connection with someone; rather than to have someone flit in and out meaninglessly. That’s not to say I haven’t had those types of connections; you’ll have the ones that steal from you; that lie to you, that stab you in the back; are only your friend to get what they can out of you; but they’re all sent to test you, so you learn a lesson and you don’t let people like that back in your life again.

Everything For A Reason…

We all have a soul; our bodies are just the casing to protect that soul until it has fulfilled its purpose or desire. How I see it is, it’s almost like a game; if you don’t fulfil your souls purpose then when you die, you get another go; therefore, you keep going until your soul’s purpose is fulfilled. You learn something different in each lifetime; if you’re connected and able to meditate properly, you’ll find in your subconscious what your purpose is.

If you’re a new soul or an old soul, everybody is here for a reason; everybody on this planet has a purpose. Friends can come and go but your soulmates will be with you for life, this one and the next ones.

They do come from one soul ‘tribe’; that tribe is built out of love; otherwise they wouldn’t keep coming back to life with you.

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