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19, Sep 2021
How Quickly Will I Get To The Top of Google?

So back in the day, organically, it would have taken you anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. This was for Google to crawl your website, recognize your content as a trusted source and put you in your relative position. That’s only if you were properly optimized though. Fast forward to today; with the constant change in trends and content being added so frequently, Google can put you to the top of their search engine in a matter of days. It’s all about consistency and producing the right type of content through Keyword Intent.

As mentioned above, there is now a trend called ‘Keyword Intent’. This is where you (or I if you need me to) will go through your keywords, insert them into Google Incognito (this is VERY important to remember, NOT normal Google because of the cookies) and see what comes to the top. What you should then do is make a note of what the source of the content is and what type of medium it is; is it an article, blog, or is it a video? That kinda thing. What this tells you is what Google is eagerly willing to put to the top as quickly as possible. So, if you then also copy the same type of media that brought up this keyword it will help you get to the top of Google quicker.

What you shouldn’t do, is copy the actual content or anything from the article that’s already at the top; that’s plagiarism and you can get sued for that, or at least severely told off or even worse, Google will put you on a no go list. All I want you to do is copy the TYPE of content that it is. Blog. Article. Video. Gif. Meme, etc. you get the gist. If you need people to create videos etc then let me know, I’ve got a few people I can refer you to who are awesome!

If you do happen to have hundreds of keywords in your content plan that you are dying to get to the top of Google asap and you don’t have the time, please let me know and I’d be happy to create a content plan for you around your specific keywords. Doing content around your keywords and making sure your website is optimized will help your overall presence online too. It’s a win win situation.

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