22, Oct 2021
Google Lead Forms; The Good, The Bad & The Savior…

Not so long-ago Google created an extension in the Google AdWords platform called ‘Lead Forms’. You can find this located in the left-hand column in ‘Ads & Extensions’ drop down, then under ‘Extensions’. Keep scrolling down and it’ll pop up. You can create your own Google lead forms; make it super friendly and add it on to any of your new or existing campaigns.

Example of Google Lead Forms
Click on the Lead form > and create your form.

Now For The Good…

This is great for cutting out any middlemen/new landing pages/extra clicks etc. When your ad presents itself, your potential customers can fill out a form for more information in one click; this saves everyone time.

The fact the form is right there as soon as an ad is shown means your team no longer needs to create extra or new landing pages with form captures in them and the prospective client doesn’t need to click more than twice to submit information and details to you; it’s a win win situation.

You can have as little or as many fields in your form, so personalise it as you wish. It’s advised that any more than 4 fields though, and your potential lead may not want to fill out their information or will abort the form; so, keep that in mind also.

Now For The Bad…

I don’t like to be negative but if it means helping you all out, I’ll carry on…

So, after installing this is did take a while for the forms to start coming in, but I think that’s more on the side of prospects not really knowing about the form, where their data would be sent and just lack of overall knowledge. Once this was promoted more, the forms started flooding in. So be patient if you’re only just implementing these forms into your campaigns.

Google kind of did a boo boo here; so when the form is filled out, Google put it into a CSV form or a Google Sheet for you BUT (big BUT), they don’t inform you when the form has been filled out, so unless you check this every day, you may not find the form until days/weeks afterwards which could potentially lose you the potential customer. Checking the platforms for the forms is time consuming and depending on how many accounts you manage, can eat into a large chunk of your time.

But, never fear…

Now For The Savior…

Zapier is a platform that enables you to link your Google accounts to either an alert or a Google Sheet every time someone fills out your form. The best part is, it doesn’t just do it for Google Ads, it does it for all kinds of platforms!

When you first login it will look like this:

Dashboard for Zapier
This is the dashboard for Zapier.

If you’re wanting to create alerts for the leads that you get through Google Ads then you would click ‘Create Zap’ in the top right-hand corner. Now for Google Ads, you do have to have a Premium Account, but for the amount of time it will save you, it’s really worth investing the $30 a month by doing this.

Example of a Zap to pull through leads from Google
Example of what it looks like to create a Zap.

Select the options in the drop down so it looks like the above and then select the account(s) you’d like it to pull the completed forms from. You will have to do one of these for each account, but for the time it’ll save it’s worth it!

Thank you Zapier for making our lives easier!

If you would like more information, or for me to go through this setup for you, or to manage your ad accounts then please contact me and we can have a discussion on how to do this going forward.