social media advertising
27, Sep 2021
How Much Should I Spend on Social Media and Other Paid Advertising Platforms?

When it comes to social media ad spending, as well as other paid ad spending, it all boils down to what your budget is; what can you spend? Paid social media advertising is quite a bit different than spending on Google. But like anything, it is what you make it. Unlike Google, social media advertising doesn’t use keywords, it uses visuals and targeting. You must make sure you have the right type of content and I’ll go through the prices and other things below for the different platforms.


This platform has changed a huge amount over the last few years. I was talking to my teenage cousins about this a while ago, and I mentioned Facebook and their words were, “I’m on it, but I don’t use it, it’s more for old people.” Well, my heart sank a little bit, had they been on it when you could only choose from a certain number of emotions or when you could gift someone a turtle to make their day brighter; instead of feeling like they have to ‘check-in’ everywhere it might be different for the younger generation; do you think? Anyway, I digress. Facebook is great for services and products, and mainly because their audience is so vast, that you can target it in a number of different ways to specifically pinpoint your desired market. Usually, the cost for Facebook ads is a minimum of £5 per day. But, don’t forget, Facebook also owns Instagram so you get a double whammy.


This platform I tend to stick to just services when it comes to my clients. Nobody is going on LinkedIn to buy a new tennis racket; they want to know about the company behind the tennis racket. So again, make sure you have the right visuals so you can catch the eye of your target market; one of the great things about this platform is the fact you can target companies too. LinkedIn is also great for catching leads, you can make your own lead generation forms within the ad platform, and it’ll collect them all for you too. LinkedIn does tend to be the pricier one out of all the platforms at around £8 minimum spend a day; but in my opinion, it’s worth it.


I’ve done paid ads on this platform once in my whole career that has spanned over 8 years. It’s obviously very rare that my clients want to pay for ads on Twitter, and I think because this is more of what I call an ‘opinion platform’; people go on there to rant and rave, rather than to seek products and/or services. Either way there I no minimum ad spend on Twitter.


I’ll cover this one quickly seen as everyone is now addicted to it; personally, haven’t done any TikTok ads, I don’t even have an account… I know, GASP! But having researched and spoken to a few of my social media freelancer people, they charge you by impressions; so, for every 1000 views of your ad, they will charge you $10, which isn’t too bad; BUT, you do have to have a minimum spend of $500 on your campaign. So, they lure you in with cheap impressions but then lamp a bigger bill on you at the end; considering it’s social media and you may have multiple campaigns running, it isn’t the cheapest platform.

To conclude, social media is a great gateway to your untapped audiences, of all ages, and other demographics; and like anything in digital marketing, it is trial and error. What I always advise my clients to do is, give it a go on a lower budget, if it works we can always increase the budget later on after we’ve scoped out the area. If you need my help with this side of marketing, then please let me know.

keyword intent
19, Sep 2021
How Quickly Will I Get To The Top of Google?

So back in the day, organically, it would have taken you anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. This was for Google to crawl your website, recognize your content as a trusted source and put you in your relative position. That’s only if you were properly optimized though. Fast forward to today; with the constant change in trends and content being added so frequently, Google can put you to the top of their search engine in a matter of days. It’s all about consistency and producing the right type of content through Keyword Intent.

As mentioned above, there is now a trend called ‘Keyword Intent’. This is where you (or I if you need me to) will go through your keywords, insert them into Google Incognito (this is VERY important to remember, NOT normal Google because of the cookies) and see what comes to the top. What you should then do is make a note of what the source of the content is and what type of medium it is; is it an article, blog, or is it a video? That kinda thing. What this tells you is what Google is eagerly willing to put to the top as quickly as possible. So, if you then also copy the same type of media that brought up this keyword it will help you get to the top of Google quicker.

What you shouldn’t do, is copy the actual content or anything from the article that’s already at the top; that’s plagiarism and you can get sued for that, or at least severely told off or even worse, Google will put you on a no go list. All I want you to do is copy the TYPE of content that it is. Blog. Article. Video. Gif. Meme, etc. you get the gist. If you need people to create videos etc then let me know, I’ve got a few people I can refer you to who are awesome!

If you do happen to have hundreds of keywords in your content plan that you are dying to get to the top of Google asap and you don’t have the time, please let me know and I’d be happy to create a content plan for you around your specific keywords. Doing content around your keywords and making sure your website is optimized will help your overall presence online too. It’s a win win situation.

ad spend
13, Sep 2021
How Much Should I Spend on Google AdWords?

This is the million-dollar question, and if that’s within your budget, I say spend it; sorry I mean pounds too (I have to cover both currencies now). There is no limit on ad spend and there is no minimum either (even though I wouldn’t suggest anything less than $1 a day); no matter what you’re spending, Google is like a greedy person who constantly wants more money, and who will constantly tell you to increase your budget; they’re a business so of course they will. You can tell them no though.

I have clients who spend as little as £4 a day to clients who spend £3k a day; there is no right or wrong answer. If your budget is on the slightly smaller scale then it just means you have to use your budget wisely. The management is still the same, but you have to be careful because with a smaller budget and a lot of keywords that budget will be gone in a matter of hours.

The thing you have to take into consideration with Google PPC is not only the budget you’re going to be spending on ads but also the cost of the company and/or person creating and managing the ads. These prices for management can be anywhere from an hourly rate of £35/$35 upwards or some agencies will charge you a percentage of your ad spend. So, if you’re spending $1000 a month on ads then they may charge you up to 20% of that for their fees. This is just an example, some agencies may charge more etc. It’s just always good to know that your budget doesn’t just stop at your ad spend.

You can start an AdWords account here if you don’t have one already; or I can do that for you, or if you do already have one, I can be added to your admins so I can manage it from there. If you would like to discuss with me what you think or feel or even want your ad spend to be, then you’re more than welcome to reach out. I’ll advise you on what your ad spend should be within your desired budget, what you should expect from that amount of ad spend and I’ll tell you how I’d manage it too.