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22, Jul 2021
How Do I Stay at The Top of Google?

Now that we have briefly spoken about how to get to the top of Google; the next big question is, how do you stay at the top of Google? Ranking on the first page of Google is no easy task. The competition is high in all industries, so you’ve got to put the work in to maintain your position.

I mentioned in my previous blog about how ‘Content is King’, well guess what? It still is, and always will be.

For those of you who are just starting out in the world of business, you’ll be looking to start your social media accounts etc. and this, like blogging requires constant content. Before you even think about launching your social media pages, please ensure you have at least 1 month’s worth of content under your belt. This will save you time and energy when the time comes to launch; but more importantly it’ll stop you from putting a pause on your posting because you have run out of content.

The same goes for the content on your website. Make sure it is up to date, fresh and constantly moving. Everything involved with content in and on your website is constantly contributing to your SEO ranking. Google is like Big Brother, it’s always watching; and if you’re not producing frequent new content then it won’t be so bothered about keeping you at the top; it’ll use you occasionally for that one great blog you wrote 5 years ago, maybe… Unless your competition wrote about the same thing last week.

Already Established Ranking

If you’re already an established business and have a website overflowing with blogs and content, then that’s great!

Top Tip: Make it a monthly task to go through your post archive to check there’s nothing in there that is over 2 years old. If you have blogs that are older than that, re-purpose them. Like an old, upholstered chair, give them a revamp. Check the internal and external links still work, if they don’t find new ones; and more importantly, check that the content is still relevant to your business and your objectives. You don’t want to be seen as the big fish with the outdated content, it’s sloppy and easy to fix. Again, if you’re struggling with manpower or time on this, then I’d be more than happy to step in and do a bit of SEO admin for you on a monthly basis.

If you’re not the creative type and find writing new content such as blogs and social media posts difficult; or even just finding the topics on what you should be writing about for your business, then I can help with this too. I use platforms use a SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner which help fill in the gaps with your keywords. They will tell me what topics your competition is writing about and ranking for so that you can also play along and stay on trend.

As always, if you have any questions, or you would like help with staying at the top of Google and ranking on their first page forever, get in touch!

top of google
9, Jul 2021
How Do I Get To The Top Of Google?

How do I get to the top of Google? This is the one question I get asked from every new client I acquire within the first 5 minutes of a consultation. The conversation usually goes like this:

“When I type one of our keywords into Google, we don’t come up. We’ve been using this SEO agency for a while now, and our website is fully optimised, but we don’t appear for this particular keyword. So, how do we get to the top of Google?”

My response: “Well have you got the keyword embedded into your website or have any content, such as blogs or articles that includes that keyword that you want to show for?”

Client: “Oh. No, we don’t.”

And there you have it, that’s why you don’t appear for that specific keyword.

So, how do you get to the top of Google?

You may have heard the expression, ‘Content is King’. If you’re in the digital marketing world you definitely would have heard this being said countless times. If you want to appear for specific keywords, then use them. Write about them; write a blog that’s based on that keyword and shout it from the rooftops. But, once that blog is written make sure that the blog is optimized (this is where clever lil ol’ people like me come in *wink* *wink* call me!)

top of google
Content is King!

You want your keyword to be in your meta-title, your meta-description, as well as it being mentioned in your blog (depending on the content length) around 3-5 times. There are other things you need to do too, but I’m not making myself redundant now, c’mon!

Now, the next question I get asked. “We published our blog on said keyword last week, why aren’t we at the top of Google yet?” – This is where I take a deep breath and breathe quietly for a good 10 seconds before answering. Patience is the keyword here.

So, how long will it take?

Optimization on a blog can vary; it used to take anywhere from around 8 weeks to 12 months to take affect. Yes, you read correctly, 52 weeks. And this wasn’t that long ago, now this is down to Google; it all depends on your authority and competitive landscape. If you’re dominant in your market then Google can optimize and have your content at the top within a couple days; but if you’re a smaller fish in the pond it could still be a couple weeks.

You need to be constantly producing new content for every keyword you want to be listed for. It needs to be embedded into your website so you can make the focus on and around the keyword, that way Google recognizes when it needs to send traffic your way. Tools to help you do this are: Yoast and Rank Math just to name a couple.

I usually advise clients to be producing at least 1 blog a week; but then you want to be constantly reminding your audience that your blogs are there. Social media feeds into your SEO ranking so having social posts linking back to your blogs on your website is vital.

Anyway, this is just a little insight as to what to do to get to the top of Google, my next blog will be a bit more in depth on how to stay at the top of Google if you’re already there. Contact me if you have any questions, or even better, if want me to get you to the top of Google myself because the last agency you used was shit. (You’d be surprised how many people tell me this!)

8, Jul 2021
My Entrepreneurial Journey – Start Up Chapter 3

Start Up The 5 W’s

By now you will have established (from my first blog) what you want your start-up to do or be. Who you might know that could help get you there. However, if not just carry on reading anyway. You can start to mentally plan for the next step.


Ask yourself: Why are you doing this? Why do you want to start your own business?

If your heart isn’t 110% in this commitment then I wouldn’t advise doing it. It is time consuming, draining and a brain ache, but it’s also rewarding and a proud thing to achieve. For those trying times you’ve had or are having, write down three reasons why you’re doing this. Now, stick them to your monitor or fridge so you can remind yourself why you’re still up at 3am working your fingers down to the bone. Everyone has their own reasons for starting up a business so always remind yourself of what you can, have and will achieve.


This includes questions like: What’s the purpose of my business? Am I going to make this successful? What do I need to promote it? And whatever else you might have floating in your head.

When it comes to knowing what to do next it can get quite over whelming. As I started out, I felt like I didn’t have enough room in my head for everything that I needed to do. Asking myself all the “what” questions made me feel a bit more in control. Write all the questions in your head down if you have to and then you can answer them accordingly. Almost like a to-do list.

Another concern slash excitement is how you’re going to go about making this business successful, is it capable? When I first started out, I was working a full time job as well as doing this. From the start I had to allocate myself an amount of time that I would spend on building Parvenue every day. A business isn’t just for Christmas (unless it’s seasonal) it’s a more than full time commitment. You’ll find the more involved you get the more time you spend on it, which isn’t a bad thing. Just make sure you’re being as productive as possible.


The main job for me was to find a way to promote my business and start building a brand. I don’t have a budget, so it was the simple case of doing what everyone else is doing. Have a look at Googling all the possibilities of self-promotion, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do for yourself, for free. And again, ask and see what people will do to help you (like I said in my second blog…). Enter phrases like “help with promoting my blog” into Google or Twitter you’ll be surprised as to what it brings up and how it can help you. This will enable people to see your request and also gives them the opportunity to do a good deed. I often do this to help others.

Start blogging, it can be about anything, what your service/expertise is would be a good start. Create a website, social media pages and most importantly share. Sharing is caring. Share your content. Spread your knowledge. Don’t get selfish about what you know because let’s face it, someone’s already done it. Then, until you’re established enough to not have the time (because you’re so busy making millions), there’s always little ol’ me who will gladly do it for you!

start up wherever you want
Your set up can be anywhere you want it to be…


E.g. Where am I going to start? Whereabouts can I go to spread my knowledge? Where are the people I need to target?

Social media is always a good place to start. Research hashtags that are relevant and always make sure you have enough content to keep you going; you don’t want to be posting full on, run out of content then stop as you’re gaining traction.

If your business is in retail, creating or crafting things then Facebook and Instagram are good platforms. If you’re offering a service, I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s too noisy. Twitter and LinkedIn are the main platforms for service based businesses, and I’d highly recommend them.

There are plenty of blogging sites today where you can spread your knowledge. Like I say above, I’d highly recommend creating your own website and using that as an extra knowledge sharing platform. I’m going to share another blog regarding building a website on a tight budget, so keep your eyes peeled. Events are another source of where you can go to promote yourself. Get some business cards created on Vista Print, they’re good quality and affordable, and get dishing them out to any Tom, Dick and Harry.


I.e. When shall I do this? When shall I do that? When’s the right time?

The answer to this question is always NOW! Or if you’re me, after payday. Don’t waste time waiting for the right moment, because it might never come, there’s no time like the present. So another “what” question for you: “What you waiting for?”

start up now
There’s no time like the present


For example, who is your target audience? Who will be interested in what you have to offer?

Now this is an important question! It should be obvious to you who you need to target once your business idea is put in place. In my case it’s small to medium enterprises (aka SME’s – for now). It’s only me with a bit of help on the side, so it was easy for me to establish who Parvenue would be targeting. Some people may not find this so easy. Again like I said in my 2nd blog, market research!

Once you’ve set yourself up on social media platforms and promoted your own website, you’ll be surprised. Mainly at how many people are interested in what you have to offer. This is also where events come in handy, get networking! If you’re based in the Midlands then check this website out; they do networking events all the time.

Communication is key when it comes to the “who” questions. Search for local networking events, or have a look at national arenas. See what exhibitions they have on which might interest you. Make sure you take some business cards and have a good old fashioned natter. Remember, you’re representing your own work of art so brag about it!

If you have any other questions for me about the 5 W’s then please get in touch; or if you need me to do a blog share, I’d be more than pleased to help!