market research
3, Mar 2021
The Next Leg of the Journey… Market Research

So to pick up from where we left off…

Last time we talked about having a business idea… So, have you thought about what you’d like to do? Once you’ve got that initial idea, it’s time to get to work. And, that work starts with; do some market research!

Market Research…

Research it until the cows come home! You can never know TOO much about what you’re going to be investing your time in. Teach yourself things. I found my passion of Search Engine Optimisation through different platforms such as SEMrush but there’s also a lot of free tools you can use out there to get yourself started. SEMrush also offer a lot of certifications in everything digital marketing; and they are globally recognised certifications, but you can never know everything.

Nine times out of ten you’ll learn more teaching yourself than you would anywhere else. This is mainly because you’ll be teaching yourself what you’re interesting in, it’s more of a pleasure than a pain.

What To Do Next…

Have a look online, read blogs, and more importantly talk to people. You’ll be amazed at how many people you are with every day that will know something you need to know. Worst case scenario, if they don’t know, the chances are they’ll know someone who does know. Networking will become your new best friend. When you’re investing time into your own business you need to know your products and/or services inside out.

Always make sure you’re one step ahead of everyone else. Don’t be afraid to give things away. Whether that’s a sample, or advice, you’re not going to get anywhere by being selfish with information. You’ll also find the more you’re willing to give the more you’ll get back.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and they more or less never have any money when they do begin, this is the main reason we do this right? To make more money!

So when you’re starting your journey you’ll come across people who are more than happy to swap services, give you a testimonial, or just do you a nice little favor. Just ALWAYS remember to say thank you!

Without these generous people you’d be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards; it’s amazing how many people are willing to help you just for a favor in return. Remember these people; you could be talking to someone and they will tell you in passing conversation that they need a graphic designer; you can repay the favor by referring them, and it’s as easy as that.


I have been, and I still am, incredibly fortunate to have the people I have in my life; my  parents are successful entrepreneurs, so are other close family members, so I’ve got mentors without having to even look for them. At the start of my journey, one of my best friend’s is an accountant, and he referred me to his boss who gave me mounds of information about tax and registering my business without asking for anything in return. I’ve got a handful of very close special friends who are digital marketers, graphic designers and website builders, I couldn’t have asked to have better people in my life who are more than happy to help me so that I can succeed.

I think when people can see you’re passionate about something, they want to be a part of that and they will help you get there. Don’t get me wrong, you get the other people who couldn’t careless and just want to steal your ideas, and see you fail but hopefully you’ll be able to judge that before you get in too deep with their input.

Top Tip…

The more you talk, the more relevant you’ll find your business could be, it only takes someone to say, “oh so and so needs that, I’ll put you in touch” and you’ve got your first lead. It’s your journey, make the most of it and enjoy every second of it. But, don’t forget… Market research!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next step… To be continued…